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Lyrik x Ventilations

Updated: May 8, 2021

Lyrik x Ventilations

In his Album Ventilations Lyrik tells the story of growing up with great beats, flow, & guests features to match! He opens up about his life, the gratitude, triumphs, real life emotions, resourcefulness, and hard work that molded him into a man! In his song Real Sh!t Tho Lyrik touched heavily on friendship stating “Everyone went their separate ways” which happens naturally with time. And “You know we all had friends growing up just different lifestyles” which stands true with the test of time against everyone's favorite statement birds of feather flock together especially growing up in Chicago like himself. Lyrik also digs deeper into this sentiment with his track called Sunday where he talks about how intimidation didn't work so they tried to run up on him randomly. If he didn't have his character he would have been another statistic. Which brings us to the single Why where he put out a call to action for everyone, while touching on how gun violence affects children leading to a detrimental cycle we know all too well based on retaliation. Personal Favorite of The Album Are Real Sh!t Tho, Why, Sunday, The Cycle, Feel at Home, and Just Tell Me. Be sure to check out his album on Spotify ! & Follow Lyrik on social media ! Check out his interview with "CTRU". Wrote By Shayla Marie

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